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South Cargo India provides professional packing service in Pune at affordable price. Our packing staff is specially trained on packing techniques so as to avoid any damages to fragile items during the move. Packing is regarded as the most important part of moving. Proper packing is essential for organizing your move and protecting your belongings for a hassle-free moving experience. It is vital to pack your belongings properly so as to protect them during the move. The professional packing team at South Cargo India takes packing very seriously. Trust our fully trained and experienced packing team to treat your belongings with care and respect so you can feel confident they are protected and organized.

We Provide

  • Specialized packing materials
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Pad-wrapping
  • Residential and commercial packing
  • Special protection for fragile and valued items
  • Expert packing services
  • Carton unpacking services